Rob Potter Construction

Permits & Inspections

As a General Contractor we maintain the highest level of professionalism possible. Every aspect of contracting is important to us in order to earn your satisfaction.


About Permits & Inspections

Building contractors and subcontractors need to be well informed about permits and inspection process. A large part of the permit and inspection process is to protect the consumer. We work closely with our subcontractors and local inspectors to insure and promote a healthy, safe, and proactive work environment while building a structurally sound and beautiful project. We appreciate the inspection process as a way of insuring that our clients receive a safe and secure building for years to come.

Permit and Inspection Process

The permit and inspection process includes building codes, electrical codes, mechanical codes, plumbing codes, and a host of city, state, and federal requirements. We manage those processes to insure the best outcome for our clients.

Commitment to our Clients

Striving to communicate with our clients about their needs and the construction process places us in the top tier of companies providing style, quality, price, and excellent customer service.